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Anonymous Asked
Questionare there interesting phobias from any characters of the db universe? Answer

Other than Quinn’s canon claustrophobia, I haven’t really imagined that any of them have any serious phobias. Though neither Rachel nor Quinn are fond of spiders, it’s more of an ick-quick-get-rid-of-it reaction than a fear.

Santana has a love/hate relationship with Teresa’s motorcycle. She loves how sexy her lady looks riding it but the doctor in her hates how dangerous the damn thing can be.  Though I still imagine Teresa gets her on the back of it for the pride parade a couple of times. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionWho's more fond of wearing high heels? Answer


That extra inch means a lot to her. Lol.

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Anonymous Asked
QuestionDid Callie or CeCe took interest in joining a cheerleading squad like Quinn? Did someone get Rachel's jewish nose? Answer

Celeste ends up being the slightly more athletic sister, so I think she might consider joining the squad. Rachel will have mixed feelings about that, and Quinn might too.

Callie was the one who had the chance of inheriting Rachel’s nose, and Rachel was very thankful that Steven’s genes prevailed in that one area.   

Anonymous Asked
QuestionGiven the chance to time travel, would either Quinn or Rachel choose to help their younger selves get together much earlier or leave it be as it is? Answer

Which universe?

Because Magical Mystery Tour Quinn traveled to the future and back and chose not to do anything about what she’d seen–not that she could have in that universe because Brittany told her the timeline is unbreakable because anything Quinn might do to change it was already part of the timeline.

But Away From the Present Moment Rachel decided that–hell yes!–she was absolutely doing whatever she could to change that crappy future she’d seen.  

But if you’re asking about DB, it probably depends on when the older version would get sent back (and whom) and to what point in their past relationship. For example, on their seventh wedding anniversary, Rachel thinks about how they don’t really regret the years they’d spent apart anymore because that’s ultimately what brought them to where they are now. So I feel like they’d both be pretty hesitant to do anything that might mess up the timeline and change the life they built together or threaten their daughters’ existence in any way. 

In fact, I think Quinn, despite being the one of them who’d probably have more r easons to save her younger self a whole lot of angst, would be the one who’d ultimately realize that changing even one thing could make it all worse instead of better–that all of their experiences and the waiting to be together helped make them each the women they are now. 

That being said, I can see Rachel from that first year or two that they were together being impulsive enough to try to get her younger self to realize that Quinn and not Finn is her destiny so she could save them both–especially Quinn–a lot of heartache and maybe even stop that damn car accident from ever happening, not even considering how much it would end up changing them.  

Anonymous Asked
QuestionQuinn quirks that Rachel find adorable or sexy?? Answer

The eyebrow, for sure.


And the lip bite.


And the tongue thing.

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Anonymous Asked
QuestionI just reread Crash, Bam, Thank You Ma'am,was wondering if Rachel did buy Quinn that drum set for Quinn? do they still have it? Answer

Rachel absolutely makes sure Quinn has her very own drumset. And when they eventually move into their very own townhouse, that set sits proudly in the corner of the music room.

And let me tell you–that room has seen some things. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionLol. What is it with the lack of respect for Rachel's awards? Haha! Quinn using them as bookends was a joke. But Santana too? Seems like Rachel needs to start fining people who touch them from now on lol. Answer

Lol. Don’t forget that Quinn also used the Emmy to play an April Fools joke on poor Rachel.

She definitely needs to get a lock for her awards case. :P

Anonymous Asked
QuestionQuinn will wrestle control back with determination? *fans self* I like the idea of their classic push and shove, back and forth, following them into the bedroom. It always made for an interesting dynamic in the hallways of mckinley, so of course it'd be hot in their bedroom. Answer

And that’s probably why I can easily imagine their arguments over silly things–like messy bathrooms and closet space–turning into a weird kind of foreplay for them. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionSo now we know that the laptop comes under attack lol. How about their bed? I have quite a few different friends (and who knows what sort of tribal sex went down) who have broken the planks in some pretty expensive beds having sex. I'm just like, it's not the WWE, how are you guys destroying whole beds? LOL #WhenYourLibidoCostsYouMoney Answer

You know, I did consider tossing out the idea that they might end up breaking the bed in that beach house they rented for their (first) honeymoon. Just imagine them explaining that to the owners. :P

Their bed is generally pretty solid, but it wouldn’t be impossible for them to end up breaking a headboard with the frequency that they end up gripping it–or tied to it–in the throes of passion.

Anonymous Asked
QuestionNooooo, not the laptop. The thought it pure horror. Poor Quinn. I can just see her now jumping apart from R, and having that moment (and most of us have been there) where you just stare at the broken item, almost trying to renegotiate the fabric of reality - like, how is this happening? A second ago this was perfectly in tact. If I'd just moved this way instead, this wouldn't be happening lol. Poor Rach too. Seconded: what a mood killer! Answer

Quinn certainly wishes that she could have that moment back. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionRachel probably wouldn't care about Quinn's laptop crashing, she could be even happy since she always has to share Quinn's attention with her writing Answer

Lol. Rachel might be happy to have done away with Quinn’s mistress, but she wouldn’t be happy about Quinn’s reaction to it. Talk about killing a mood. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionDo you ever want kids? (you don't need to answer if its too personal) Answer

I’m really not maternal at all, so no. I have no personal desire to procreate. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionOn your DB verse, at what moment on senior year have Santana realized Quinn is gay? And in love with Rachel? Did she thought about talking to her best friend once she did? Was she surprised? Answer

Oh, I think Santana first suspected that Quinn was gay when they were still freshmen–she has an awesome gaydar, after all–especially with the whole celibacy club thing and keeping her boyfriend at arm’s length, but she couldn’t confirm it, and then Quinn got pregnant, so Santana thought she might be wrong. 

But she kept observing her anyway, and Quinn kept having some really gay moments–and many of them tended to involve the way she looked at a certain brunette who was not Santana. So when Quinn showed up senior year with the pink hair and said she was done with the boys, Santana pretty much concluded that she was a big ol’ lesbian. She did mention once in DB that she’d recognized the similarities between herself and Quinn.  

As for the Rachel part, I think Quinn’s very strong objection to the Finchel engagement would have confirmed that for Santana. Though the bridal shop scene hit the cutting room floor, I imagine that Quinn really did make that speech about not standing around and watching Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson. Santana would have known in that moment–yep, Q’s totally hot for Berry. 

And Santana never really thought about confronting Quinn with that because she knew from her own experience that you can’t force someone out of the closet–even the closet of their own mind.  

Anonymous Asked
QuestionNow we know they have been known to partake in some angry sex, I imagine they've broken certain objects, fixtures, and fittings in their fervour. I imagine they've done that just with regular sex too lol. So what is the most valuable item they've destroyed at the hands of their passion? And did they find it funny, or were they annoyed that whatever had broken, had broken? Answer

Lol. I’m tempted to say they’ll break one of Rachel’s awards, but Rachel is very protective of them after Quinn uses her Drama Desk awards as bookends–it was bad enough that Santana used one as a doorstop that one time. 

I can, however, imagine them getting carried away in the vicinity of Quinn’s laptop–which is so often on her lap or on the nightstand or the coffee table–and sending it crashing to the floor at exactly the wrong angle. 

Quinn really wouldn’t find that one funny.  

At least, not until her harddrive was recovered and she had a new working laptop. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionOh wow. You learn something new about this universe every day :D I've always seem db faberry as pretty vanilla despite being sexy/steamy as hell, but not like vanilla-vanilla with some of the things they get up to ;) Hope that made sense. So I'm surprised that they occasionally have 'angry' sex. Does Rachel become as dominant a top as Quinn sometimes is when they have this type of sex. Are their love bites a little more bruising? Interesting to think of Rachel being more forceful with Quinn. Answer

To be fair, I imagine the angry sex happening more in the earlier days of their relationship when they tended to argue more about stupid things that grew out of their personality conflicts. I think about their prom scene and the slap and Rachel appreciating the drama of it all, and I’ve thought how easily something like that (though Quinn will never slap her again) could result in an angry kiss. 

It happens less after they have the kidlets just because the nature of their arguments changes so they can protect their daughters from seeing or hearing their moms argue as much as possible.

But to answer your question, Rachel can be pretty dominate when she’s in a mood to be–or at least she tries to be–but Quinn is usually in the same mood when it’s angry sex, so she’ll wrestle control back with determination. The love bites are absolutely more bruising, as is the h air pulling.